Revolutionising Pipe Repair: Composite Clamps for Sealing Leaks and Restoring Structural Integrity

At Icarus Composites, we are in the process of commercialising a pioneering new composite repair system - Composite Clamps.

This cutting-edge solution is engineered to restore structural integrity and seal leaks in pipes with unparralled efficiency. Crafted from advanced composite materials, it has potential advantages over both Composite Wrap Repairs and Metal Clamps.

Designed for versatility and ease of installation, they provide a seamless and long-lasting repair solution for various pipe materials and diameters, both subsea and topside.

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A CAD model of a Composite Clamp prototype for repairing pipes

Seal, Strengthen, Sustain: Composite Clamps - Your Solution for Reliable Pipe Restoration

Composite repairs offer numerous advantages backed by research and industry expertise. They provide greater corrosion resistance, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging asset lifespan.

With their lightweight nature, composite repairs alleviate loading on pipework, while their lower specific gravity reduces submerged installation weight. Compared to traditional repairs, composite solutions offer reduced lead time, eliminating the need for hot-works and potential explosion hazards.

Pre-fabricated composite clamps ensure swift installation, while rubber seals enhance leak containment. Composite clamps require less stringent surface finish requirements and can be easily removed without damaging underlying pipework, offering higher structural integrity and unparalleled efficiency in repair applications.

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