Attalus Snapcure 140

Rapid Cure Prepreg Technology: Full Cure achieved in just 1 hour

Attalus SnapCure 140: A pipe repair system dedicated to time and cost efficiency

Attalus SnapCure 140 is a factory pre-impregnated, glass fibre epoxy composite. It’s easy to install, and ready to apply as soon as the surface preparation is complete.

This system is specifically designed to repair corroded pipes, tanks and structures. The whole system is designed around cost and time efficiency. Being pre-impregnated with resin, and being able to cure in just 1 hour, allows for rapid installation, restoring structural integrity to your pipes, tanks and structures as quickly as possible.

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ISO 24817:2017 & ASME PCC-2:2022 Certified Composite Repair Systems

Applications: A versatile composite pipe repair system for meeting your maintenance needs

Attalus SnapCure 140 is a pre-impregnated epoxy composite repair system. This highly specialised composite repair system is specifically designed for pipe, tank and structural repairs for Heavy Industry. The composite repair system has been rigorously tested to both ISO 24817 & ASME PCC-2 and found to exceed the requirements of both international standards.

As part of the testing to ISO 24817 & ASME PCC-2, Attalus SnapCure 140 was tested on both non-leaking leaking defects. On a 6" pipe spool with a defect machined to leave 1mm of remaining wall thickness, Attalus SnapCure 140 held 435 bar (6,309 psi) of pressure. Multiple leaking defects were tested on 10mm, 15mm and 25mm holes. The highest result was 225 bar on a 15mm hole.

Attalus SnapCure 140 has been used to successful repair defects in the field. Check out the Case History in the link below.

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Technical Data

Download the Technical Data Sheet in the link below

Attalus SnapCure 140 TDS


Data (Metric / Imperial)

Ply Thickness (t)
0.36 mm / 0.014 in
Young's Modulus (Ec & Ea)
19,170 MPa / 2,780,344 psi
Tensile Strength
208 MPa / 30,182 psi
Hardness (Shore D)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (αc & αa)
16.54 & 17.64 µm/m°C
Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
140°C / 284°F
Shear Modulus (G)
1,484 MPa / 215,236 psi
Lap Shear Strength
14.8 MPa / 2,152 psi
Maximum operating temperature
120°C / 248°F

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