Advancing the world towards more sustainable repair options

Our ultimate aim at Icarus Composites is to provide the world with sustainable repair options that don't compromise on performance.

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Helping fight corrosion one repair at a time

Each year corrosion costs the global economy an estimated $2.5 trillion. This equates to 3.4% of global GDP.

By preventing further corrosion, and strengthening corroded and eroded infrastructure, composite repairs provide the perfect solution for combating corrosion/erosion and alleviating this global impact.

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Perfecting leak sealing techniques

Leaks are a major cause of downtime. Bolted flange joints are one of the most critical and vulnerable points of pressurised systems. Industry data shows that approximately 1% of bolted connections develop major leaks and approximately 5% of bolted connections develop minor leaks.

One of our main focus points for our R&D is to develop new and more effective methods of live leak sealing to minimise your downtime.

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Minimising downtime

Minimising downtime is one of the most important jobs of an heavy industry's maintenance teams. In the Oil & Gas industry, unplanned downtime costs on average more than £205,000 per hour and more than £15 billion per year.

Whether it's live leak sealing or restoring structural integrity, we can repair it live - minimising your downtime and maximising your production.

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Pushing the limits of composite repair systems

Composites are emerging as the material of the future and the technology is only improving. At Icarus Composites we are driving this innovation.

We're creating more time efficient systems, composites capable of resisting higher temperatures and utilsing the latest in engineering design technology. All with the aim of bring you highest quality repairs engineered to the highest standards.

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Meet the founders

A picture of Icarus Composites' Co-Founder, Joshua Zwetsloot
Joshua Zwetsloot MEng
Co-Founder & CEO  

Throughout his career, Joshua has acquired a vast amount of commercial and composites engineering experience. He has designed over 300 composite repairs and fully qualified 3 composite repair systems to both ISO 24817 & ASME PCC-2.

A personal highlight of his career is designing what is believed to be the highest pressure composite repair to pipework completed in the world using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The repair was to a 520 bar water injection line on an Oil & Gas asset in Azerbaijan.

Since founding Icarus Composites, Joshua is dedicated to the advancements of composite repairs to create more sustainable repair options for heavy industry.  

A picture of Icarus Composites' Co-Founder, Themis Revenas
Themis Revenas MSc
Co-Founder & COO

Prior to co-founding Icarus Composites, Themis spent a decade honing his skills in the energy sector. He began his career in laboratory services, gaining valuable experience in environmental and petrochemical analysis. He then transitioned to engineering roles, where he designed over 200 composite repairs and qualified two repair systems to both ISO 24817 & ASME PCC-2.

Themis also took part in multiple drilling campaigns and led the construction of multi-million-pound natural gas infrastructure projects. Since co-founding Icarus Composites, Themis has channeled his expertise into creating novel composite repair solutions. His dedication to innovation has been recognized by Forbes, who included him and Icarus, in their prestigious 30 Under 30 Greece list for 2022.

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Our Story

During their time in the Oil & Gas industry, Josh and Themis honed their skills in designing and implementing cutting-edge composite repairs for process piping and tanks. Their meticulous efforts led to the development of advanced composite repair systems, qualified to adhere to stringent industry standards including ISO 24817 and ASME PCC-2.

Driven by a deep understanding of composite materials, Josh and Themis recognized an opportunity to revolutionise the repair industry. Their extensive experience illuminated the transformative capabilities of composite materials, offering durable and resilient solutions to combat corrosion and erosion across diverse industrial sectors.

In 2022, fueled by their wealth of knowledge, Josh and Themis embarked on a bold venture, giving rise to Icarus Composites. Since inception, our mission has remained steadfast: to pioneer the forefront of Composite Repair technology, and to alleviate the global burden of corrosion and erosion on critical infrastructure.

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Transitioning industrial repairs to a greener future

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