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Specialists in Pipe Repairs, Tank Repairs & Structural Repairs for Heavy Industry

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At Icarus Composites, we’re prioritising quality, reliability and sustainable repair options for Heavy Industry.

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Co-Founder & CEO

If I book a repair, how does it work?

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Don't replace...repair

Composite repairs have multiple advantages compared to traditional repair methods. Check them out below!

Corroded pipework at a refinery
Prevent Further Corrosion

Composites prevent further corrosion by preventing water, oxygen and other electrolytes from reaching the underlying substrate.

A pipe leaking water
Live Leak Sealing

Our wide range of composite repair solutions and specialist sealants allows us to seal a wide variety of leaks both live and isolated.

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Durable Repairs for up to 20 years

Utilising fibreglass and carbon fibre creates a durable, long lasting repair requiring little to no maintenance.

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Repair Complex Geometries

Composite wraps can be applied without the need for cutting out or removing sections of the pipework, they result in minimal disruption to operations, reducing production losses and maintaining productivity.

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Compatible with Harsh Chemicals & Hydrocarbons

Composite Wraps exhibit excellent chemical compatibility, with resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, bases, solvents, and fuels.

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No Hot Works Required

Eliminating hot works reduces safety risks, operational downtime, and environmental impact, while increasing efficiency and enabling repairs in sensitive or restricted areas.

Carbon fibre

Composite materials are the future of repairs

Composite materials typically include a reinforcing phase (such as fibres or particles) embedded within a matrix material (like polymers, metals, or ceramics).

By synergistically leveraging the strengths of each constituent, composites exhibit superior mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties compared to traditional materials.

At Icarus Composites, we utilise fibreglass fabrics and epoxy resins technology to bring you the latest in composite technology.

How are Composite Materials used to repair pipe, tanks & structures?

Composite materials offer a versatile solution for restoring corroded, eroded, damaged, and leaking pipework and pipelines.

The composite material is wrapped around the pipe, tank or structure like a bandage. Once applied it is compressed to eliminate any voids or gaps between the layers before being left to cure.

The composite resin bonds chemically to the pipe surface ensuring strong adhesion and preventing water ingress. Effectively this creates a "Composite Shell" around the structure, perfectly mimicking its geometry.

This seamless integration enhances the structural strength of the repaired asset, prolonging its lifespan and minimising maintenance costs.

A completed composite wrap repair to a 12" Fuel Oil line

Icarus composites

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Transitioning industrial repairs to a greener future

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