Trident leak seal kits

Effective Leak Sealing Technology: Seal live and isolated leaks in 30 minutes

Trident Leak Seal Kit for sealing leaks and isolated leaks in under 30 minutes

Trident Leak Seal Kits: A leak seal kit designed for you

Pipes usually leak at the most inconvenient time, and when they do you need it fixed quick. We've designed our Trident Leak Seal Kits for you. They are designed to be stored on your site and to be installed by your team. At Icarus Composites we have worked to make sure these kits are the following.

1) Effective at sealing leaks.
2) Easy to use.
3) Quick.

Supplied in a convenient plastic bucket they are easily stored on your site, ready for when you need them.

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Applications: Seal Leaks in the most difficult of circumstances

The Trident Live & Isolated Leak Seal Kit is a comprehensive solution designed for live leak sealing and permanent repair of leaking pipes. Negating the need for a system shutdown.  

This innovative kit is ideal for various applications and has received WRAS approval, ensuring its safety for use on pipes and fittings carrying drinking water. Repairs can be made in under 30 minutes to pipes made of a range of different substrates, including: carbon steel, stainless steel, CuNiFe, Iron, GRP and more. Seals live leaks in under 30 minutes.

For application, please refer to the Trident Leak Seal Kit Instructions in the link below.

Trident Leak Seal Kit InstructionsBook A Repair Now

Trident Leak Seal Kit contents

Download the Technical Data Sheet in the link below

Trident Leak Seal Kit TDS



Nitrile Gloves
Wear when handling the BindFast Metal Epoxy Putty or the Trident AquaCure 250.
BindFast Metal Epoxy Putty
Wear when handling the BindFast Metal Epoxy Putty or the Trident AquaCure 250.
Grip & Seal Rubber Tourniquet
Compresses the BindFast Metal Epoxy Putty into the leak site to cure.
Self-Fusing SealTape
Wrapped directly over live leaks to seal them. Also provides additional reinforcement.
Trident Pressure Pad
Pressure resistance multiplier for sealing live leaks
Trident AquaCure 250 composite
Applied over the repair area. Cures solid and restores structural integrity to the damaged repair area.
Compression film
Compresses the Trident AquaCure 250 composite ensuring there are no voids or delaminations.
Spike roller
Pierces holes in the compression film, allowing the Trident AquaCure 250 composite to de-gas.

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